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Free Fall Festival ‘ 10 – Old Men Dancing

The Arts2010-4-1By: Classical Staff

Reviewed by Paula Citron.

Old Men Dancing is as advertised – 11 middle age guys performing choreography with the wily official title Wiser and Still Gorgeous (Do Not Resuscitate).

With an age range from 50 to 75, and without formal dance training, these Peterborough men from all walks of life have been coming together since 2002 to create performances and socialize.

When choreographer Bill James bought a farm in the Peterborough area in 2005, he introduced the group to professional choreography, and their Free Fall Festival show featured commissioned works by high flyers Allen Kaeja, D.A. Hoskins, Marie-Josée Chartier and James.

What is interesting is that four very different choreographers found a commonality of language. Each piece showcased loose, easy physicality that included gentle undulations of the body and a variety of hand and arm gestures. The wave effect was also a shared motif. Nonetheless, within this parallel of expression, was the signature voice of each choreographer.

The men looked polished and committed. It was a very endearing show.


Old Men Dancing: Wiser and Still Gorgeous (Do Not Resuscitate)
Bill James/Atlas Moves Watching
Free Fall Festival
Theatre Centre/Harbourfront World Stage
Enwave Theatre, Mar. 26 and 27, 2010



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