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Harbourfront World Stage – Ame Henderson/Public Recording’s relay

The Arts2010-4-9By: Classical Staff

Reviewed by Paula Citron

Choreographer Ame Henderson deals in concepts. In her new work relay she explores the ethos of both individuality and group conformity. Both are powerful states of mind.

Each of the dancers recalls movement from past performances, and they take turns showing the steps while the others follow. It is not always obvious just who that leader is.

Something else is afoot, however. They all convert that movement into personal statements. The result is that we are witnessing the most fragmented and dysfunctional chorus line ever seen, or the triumph of the individual.

There is also one musician, Eric Chenaux, doing his own thing at the back of the stage.
Chenaux’s nonchalance is in direct contrast to the dancers’ intense concentration. He is never going to be part of the group.

As to which state is preferable, that is the question Henderson leaves in our heads long after the dance is done.

relay continues at the Enwave Theatre until Apr. 10.


Ame Henderson/Public Recordings
Harbourfront World Stage
Choreographed by Ame Henderson (with the ensemble)
Photo credit: Bettina Hoffman
Performed by Katie Ewald, Matija Ferlin, Claudia Fancello, Marie Claire Forté, Mairéad Filgate, Barbara Pallomina, Brendan Jensen and Chad Dembski
Enwave Theatre, Apr. 7 to 10, 2010



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