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Canadian Stage/Necessary Angel – MacIvor and Brooks’ This is What Happens Next

The Arts2010-4-20By: Classical Staff

Reviewed by Paula Citron

The team of Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks is the most successful on an international scale in terms of Canadian theatre. This Is What Happens Next is one of several solo shows with MacIvor performing and Brooks directing involving a host of intriguing characters underwritten by themes that are erudite and sophisticated.

This production is about finding a happy ending, and composer Richard Feren has created the bouncy tune signifying a happy ending that plays throughout. The characters MacIvor depicts are, predictably, anything but happy, although he does gives us various possible alternatives to how things turn out.

The show begins with MacIvor the flustered actor setting up what is to follow. We then meet people with interlocking stories. All are suffering from urban angst, including the seven year old, and a broad sweep of society is portrayed.

In terms of entertainment with substance, MacIvor and Brooks are two smart cookies.

This Is What Happens Next continues at Berkeley Street Theatre until May 8.


This Is What Happens Next
Canadian Stage/Necessary Angel
Created by Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks
Directed by Brooks
Performed by MacIvor
Berkeley Street Theatre, Apr. 12 to May 8, 2010


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