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Dietrich Group – D.A. Hoskins’ Paris 1994/Gallery

Dietrich Group – D.A. Hoskins’ Paris 1994/Gallery featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron

Choreographer D.A. Hoskins creates compelling, if ambitious works of substance, that stem from intellectual concepts.

His Paris 1994/Gallery tries to be two things. There is a romantic relationship that presumably began in Paris in 1994, and is seen through the prism of shifting perspectives of memory. At the same time, the two dancers are part of an art installation that explores time and space.

As an evolutionary dance piece, the Paris 1994 dynamic is superb, filled as it is with a parade of fascinating moments. The Gallery part, however, is grasping at straws. Hoskins would like his piece to raise questions about the greater nature of art, but this task is a hard sell.

Danielle Baskerville is the alluring, enigmatic siren. Tyler Gledhill is the man, and it is his memories that return again and again to scenes of intense lovemaking. Both dancers are body beautiful and charismatic in their stage presence.

Paris 1994/Gallery continues at Dancemakers Centre for Creation until Sunday.

Paris 1994/Gallery
Dietrich Group
Choreography by D.A. Hoskins
Performed by Danielle Baskerville and Tyler Gledhill
Dancemakers Centre for Creation, May 20 to 23, 2010

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