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Our of the Box Productions – Opera Erotique

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Out of the Box Productions, under creators Gwen Dobie and William Mackwood, puts on shows of immense imagination and strong theatrical values.

Opera Erotique is a play interspersed with famous arias. Arro is an opera singer who has created two cybernetic sex toys, one who dances, and another who sings. When he introduces his real live opera singer girlfriend to the two robots, complications follow, and all told through beautiful music.

The story contains a multiplicity of themes – the victimization of women in opera, the pain of performance, the exploration of the erotic – just to mention a few. The performers are opera singers and one dancer, but their acting is uncommonly good and their singing is passionate.

Soprano Adria McCulloch, mezzo-soprano Margaret Bárdos, baritone Alexander Hajek and dancer Lina Jimenez Nykwist give sparkling performances. Pianist Christina Faye and cellist Liza McLellan make beautiful music.

Catch this compelling little show if you can. Opera Erotique continues at the Tranzac Club until Saturday.

Opera Erotique
Out of the Box Productions
Created by Gwen Dobie and William Mackwood
Starring Adria McCulloch, Margaret Bárdos, Alexander Hajek and Lina Jimenez Nykwist (with Christina Faye, piano and Liza McLellan, cello)
Tranzac Club, Jun. 2 to 5, 2010

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