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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Photog: an imaginary look at the uncompromising life of Thomas Smith
Harbourfront World Stage/Boca del Lupo
Written by Sherry Yoon and Jay Dodge
Directed by Sherry Yoon
Performed by Jay Dodge
Enwave Theatre
Nov. 17 to 20, 2010

Vancouver’s Boca del Lupo is a theatre company on the edge. Their new production, Photog: an imaginary look at the uncompromising life of Thomas Smith, is about conflict photojournalists. They are the men and women who take those graphic pictures in war zones that dominate the news.

Creators Sherry Yoon and Jay Dodge interviewed New York based conflict photographers, and every word spoken in the play is direct from those conversations. Dodge portrays the fictional figure of Thomas Smith who is a compendium of many photojournalists. It is a glimpse into the dark side from those who live it.

At first Dodge seems too clean cut and unemotional, but his performance is dwarfed by the technology. He is just a small dot in the large canvas of conflict photography and special effects which are dazzling – almost Robert Lepagian in vision.

This is a compelling production that is immense in both topic and scale.

Photog continues at the Enwave Theatre until Nov. 20.

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