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60×60 Dance Toronto

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

60×60 Dance Toronto
Produced by Rob Voisey and Tova Kardonne
Choreographed by 60 dance artists
Composed by 60 music and sound artists
Performed by over 100 dancer
Music Gallery
Nov. 20, 2010

Imagine 60 composers, 60 choreographers, and over a 100 dancers, and you have 60×60 Dance Toronto. This wonderfully inventive show took place this past weekend at the Music Gallery.

The concept of 60×60 Dance is the brainchild of New York-based new music producer and presenter Rob Voisey.

This is how it works. Voisey invited 60 international composers to create one minute of music each. Then in each city, 60 local choreographers create one minute of dance to each of the compositions. Toronto composer/singer Tova Kardonne, who is on that tape, co-produced the Toronto show with Voisey.

All kinds of kudos to dance artist Vivien Moore who assigned the music to the choreographers, and shaped the show to have some kind of continuity. How she merged the various dancers, and figured out exits and entrances was miraculous.

It turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable and original hour. Now the trick is to get 60×60 put on in a theatre with great dance sightlines.

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