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Wide Awake Hearts

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Wide Awake Hearts
Tarragon Theatre
Written by Brendan Gall
Directed by Gina Wilkinson
Featuring Gord Rand, Raoul Bhaneja, Lesley Faulkner and Maev Beaty
Tarragon Theatre Extra Space
Nov. 2 to Dec. 12

Brendan Gall’s play, Wide Awake Hearts, takes on the time-worn theme of art mirroring life, and comes up short despite some strong moments.

The characters are denoted by alphabetical numbers. A (Gord Rand) is a writer/producer who has sold out to television. In his latest show, he has cast B and C, his wife and best friend, played by Lesley Faulkner and Raoul Bhaneja, as screen lovers. A suspects that they are having a real life affair. Complicating the mix is D (Maev Beaty), a film editor and C’s former romantic partner.

Sometimes a script can be too clever by half. Gall’s staccato dialogue is filled with ironic remarks and arch comments, but little emotional reality. The clever ending can’t save the predictable script.

On the other hand. Gina Wilkinson’s direction is strong, as are Rand, Bhaneja and Beaty who give compelling performances. The pretty but insipid Faulkner is the weak link.

Wide Awake Hearts continues at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space until Dec. 12.

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