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Os Elementos

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Os Elementos
Dance Migration/DanceWorks CoWorks
Choreographed by Adrianna Yanuziello and dancers
Music by Contra Mestre Bola and Bracatum. with guests Divine Brown and Maracatu Baque de Bamba
Fleck Dance Theatre
Dec. 17 and 18, 2010

When ethnic dance goes mainstream, it means another of Toronto’s many cultures is taking its rightful place in the Canadian dance milieu. Nothing is more mainstream than the Fleck Dance Theatre. That’s where Dance Migration held its concert.

Under choreographer/dancer Adrianna Yanuziello, Dance Migration represents Afro-Brazilian culture. The concert also featured live Afro-Brazilian/jazz fusion music performed by the talented ensemble Bracatum, led by Contre Mestre Bola, a.k.a. Marinaldo DeSilva. There was even an appearance by the carnival drum band Maracatu Baque de Bamba.

The themed evening was called Os Elementos, with the 11 pieces dedicated to earth, air, wind and fire. The nine women dancers were beautifully schooled, and the musicians were tight. The loan male dancer, Derick Robinson, gave a stirring display of the Brazilian martial art capoeira in the piece called Fires of Xango. The clever costumes by Cassandra Moy included various coloured tunics over the women’s basic white dresses.

Dance Migration has made a very auspicious debut.

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