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The Land of F***

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

The Land of F*** (A Fable)
Dietrich Group
Choreographed by D.A. Hoskins
Performed by Danielle Baskerville, Andrew Bathory, Valerie Calam, Paul Charbonneau, Luke Garwood, Tyler Gledhill, Mariana Medellin-Meinke, Sebastian Mean and Linnea Swan
Workman Arts Theatre
Mar. 23 to 27, 2011

This is tricky, but I’m about to review a dance performance that has a four-letter word in the title. Nonetheless, it’s an important choreographer, so it can’t be ignored. The title is The Land of dot/dot/dot/dot.

The works of choreographer D.A. Hoskins are intellectual and provocative, and his focus is human nature. In The Land of Hoskins explored the evolution of the “F” word, and he brought together eleven of the best dancers in the country as his tools. His premise is simple. The word, once heavily censored, is now common trade.

I’m a great fan of Hoskins, but this show disappointed. I found most of the physical images to be far removed from the subject. Most of the time I was trying to find the link, and it was a hard go.

But even when Hoskins is flawed, he’s still interesting. Everyone has an off day, and this dance piece is his. I look forward to his next choreographic adventure.

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