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Basso Ostinato

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Basso Ostinato
Compagnie Caterina & Carotta Sagna
Canadian Stage/Spotlight.Italy
Choreographed by Caterina and Carlotta Sagna
Performed by Alessandro Bernardeschi, Antonio Montanile and Davide Sportelli
Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs
Mar. 22 to 26, 2011

The brilliant Italian sisters, Caterina and Carlotta Sagna, masters of dance theatre, are based in France. Their wild and woolly 2005 piece Basso Ostinato is part of the second week of Canadian Stage’s Spotlight.Italy.

Basso Ostinato is a perfect fusion of dance, speech and intellect. Basically it is life mirroring art mirroring ideas. An ostinato is a musical term describing a repeating phrase, or beat, or pattern. In this dance theatre piece, it is a scene between three men that repeats with intriguing changes.

The piece begins with two men watching the ballet Giselle from La Scala on television. As they drink and smoke, their dialogue takes them into scatological territory, and when they are joined by a third person, dance becomes another element.

The key is, as the men’s behaviour disintegrates, their wardrobe becomes more formal. At the end, they are in suits and ties, which belies the chaos that went before.

Basso Ostinato continues at the Berkeley Street Theatre until Mar. 26.

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