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Zero Hour

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Zero Hour
Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company
Written and performed by Jim Brochu
Directed by Piper Laurie
Al Green Theatre
Mar. 26 to Apr. 16, 2011

Zero Hour is the clever title of a very compelling show about the late actor/comedian Zero Mostel. Jim Brochu both wrote the play and stars as Mostel.
The great actress Piper Laurie has directed with loving detail, playing particular attention to Mostel’s distinctive voice and mannerisms. Brochu’s portrayal is uncanny.

What makes Zero Hour such a good theatre piece, is that Mostel lived a life of both highs and lows, and they are all there – his Jewish parents declaring him dead when he married a Catholic, his being blacklisted as a Communist. But the script also contains some very funny stories and Mostel’s acerbic wit shines through.

I didn’t know that Mostel started life as a visual artist who became an actor by accident. Some of his paintings are displayed in the JCC’s art gallery.
This is both a laugh and cry show, and well worth the visit.

Zero Hour continues at the Al Green Theatre until Apr. 16.

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