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Project 3/2/1

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Project 3/2/1
Choreography by Ame Henderson, Martin Bélanger and Antonija Livingstone
Performed by the company
Dancemakers Centre for Creation
Apr. 5 to 17, 2011

The new Dancemakers show, Project 3/2/1, is another wild card concept evening from the fertile brain of artistic director Michael Trent.

The numbers 3/2/1 stand for a trio, duet and solo, each created by different choreographers. Not only that, during the two week run, each company member performs each of the six roles on an alternating basis.

To add spice to the mix, Trent chose choreographers who just happen to be among the elite of Canadian contemporary dance innovators, two from Montreal, and one from Toronto.

The trio is Antonija Livingstone’s lightentertainment, a madcap look at ringing hand bells. The duet is Martin Bélanger’s Mythical Twins, a humorous exploration of “twin-ness”. The solo is Ame Henderson’s this body is another body, where the dancer creates the illusion of other bodies in space.

This show, with its choreography on the edge, and its shifting casts, is interesting in the best sense of the word.

Project 3/2/1 continues at Dancemakers Centre for Creation until Apr. 17.

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