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Louise Lecavalier/Fou Glorieux

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Louise Lecavalier/Fou Glorieux
Harbourfront World Stage
Choreography by Nigel Charnock and Edouard Lock
Performed by Louise Lecavalier, Patrick Lamothe and Keir Knight
Fleck Dance Theatre
Apr. 13 to 16, 2011

At 50 years old, Louise Lecavalier can still pack a wallop.

For many years. Lecavalier was the muse to Edouard Lock. Her dance evening contains a piece called A Few Minutes of Lock, where accompanied by dancer Keir Knight, Lecavalier performs short sections of Lock’s choreography to show she still has the goods to hurl herself horizontally through the air.

The major work is called Children, performed by Lecavalier and Patrick Lamothe, and created by legendary British choreographer Nigel Charnock.

The premise is that we are all children, searching for that safe haven that we will probably never find. The piece is structured in a series of vignettes that portray the life cycle of a relationship. The choreography is intense.

I did find Children tedious over time, but I was clearly in the minority. At any rate, the great Lecavalier is always worth the price of admission, regardless what she is dancing.

Louise Lecavalier continues at the Fleck Dance Theatre until Apr.16.

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