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Paul Taylor Dance Company

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Paul Taylor Dance Company
Rose Theatre Brampton
Apr. 26, 2011

At 80, Paul Taylor is the last icon of modern dance pioneers. His works are unadorned dance. I caught his company’s repertoire program in Brampton.

The light-hearted opener Also Playing (2009) is a tribute to the age of vaudeville through depicting different styles of dance, ending with a stagehand performing a virtuoso solo with a broom.

The choreographer has never shied away from provocative subjects. The Word (1998) mixes religious symbolism with the raging testosterone of schoolboys to depict the terrors of religion on young minds.

Esplanade (1975) broke new ground in its day. The piece uses everyday pedestrian movement such as running, hopping and swinging to depict scenes from human nature, such as friendship and romantic love.

As a final note, I found that I had to readjust my own dance hat, setting aside contemporary trends to return to Taylor’s purity of movement.

The Paul Taylor Dance Company’s performs at Markham Theatre tonight, and the Grand Theatre, Kingston on Friday.

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