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Edward the “Crazy Man”

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Edward the “Crazy Man”
Workman Arts
Written by Emil Sher
Directed by Leah Cherniak
Featuring John Cleland, Olaf Sham, Faeghan Williams and Charles Revored-Couto
Theatre Passe Muraille
Apr. 28 to May 14, 2011

Workman Arts is a theatre company that focuses on mental health and addiction issues. It may sound heavy, but the play Edward the “Crazy Man” manages to impart important lessons for young people. Homeless person Edward the “Crazy Man” suffers from schizophrenia.

Marie Day wrote the book in 2002, and Emil Sher’s play is a remount of a 2008 production.

A young 12-year-old called Charlie learns some life lessons through the interaction of how Edward is treated cruelly by children, and with distain by adults.

At the well-attended performance, there were a significant number of children, very young ones, in fact, who asked very searching questions at the Q&A.

From a production point of view, Victoria Wallace’s set is over-busy, while Leah Cherniak’s direction is a mess. All of this doesn’t matter, because the play packs a wallop for both children and adults.

John Cleland’s performance as Edward is remarkable.

Edward the “Crazy Man” continues at Theatre Passe Muraille until May 14.

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