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Theatre 20 – The Story Begins

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Theatre 20
Directed by Tracey Flye
Conceived and performed by the company
Panasonic Theatre
May 9, 2011

Theatre 20’s motto is “Artist-led. Story-driven.” In short, 20 outstanding actor/singers have banded together to promote musicals, those already written, and those yet to come.

Their first concert at the Panasonic Theatre, called The Story Begins: Celebrating songs from story-driven musicals, featured 17 numbers performed by 20 talented artists. The key was to get away from artifice, and interpret lyrics from the heart.

Some performers were downright electrifying, like Tamara Bernier Evans and Sterling Jarvis. A perfect example of great interpretation was the great Louise Pitre, and her fierce portrayal of mother Rose from Gypsy.

In between the songs, amusing video segments were shown where members of the company were asked questions about their favourite composer, or what was their first public appearance. There was also the T20 Emerging Artist Choir.

T20 is putting on two more shows in 2011, a tribute to Canadian composers on Jun. 20, and John Gray’s new musical Amelia on Oct. 3. They will surely be command performances.

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