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The Atomic Weight of Happiness

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

The Atomic Weight of Happiness
Stand Up Dance
Created and performed by Meagan O’Shea
Directed by Andrea Donaldson
Hub 14
Apr. 29 to May 29, 2011

Choreographer/dancer Meagan O’Shea is doing something different. She’s running her new solo show for six weekends, a shelf life most dancers never experience.

O’Shea is a rugged individualist. Her metier is what I call stream of consciousness. In other words, she works with both physical and visual imagery that become individual tangents, but somehow all come together.

Her enjoyable new work, The Atomic Weight of Happiness, combines, among other things, a treatise on green ecology, a dissection of emotional states, plus chapters on her own life read by members of the audience. There is also movement which reflects on the scene before, or comments on the one coming up. Director Andrea Donaldson has certainly helped shape the whimsical piece.

Every show has an opening act with some very big names. On the night I went, choreographer/dancer Claudia Moore performed a solo.

O’Shea makes clever social statements, but always couched in charm.

The Atomic Weight of Happiness continues at Hub 14 until May 29.

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