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Paris/Toronto Project

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Paris/Toronto Project
Toronto Dance Theatre
Choreography by Alban Richard and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh
Winchester Street Theatre
May 19 to 28, 2011

The Paris/Toronto Project features two original works created for Toronto Dance Theatre by French choreographers. Alban Richard choreographed on the men, and Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh on the women.

Richard’s It can’t be dying, – it’s too rouge, – is set to a disintegrating 3-minute electronic loop tape by composer

William Basinski. The choreographer evokes images of war, carnage and death. Every three minutes, the five men repeat their individual loops, with the dancers caught in their own recurring nightmare.

Emanuelle Vo-Dinh’s Vortex is performed to Gérard Grisey’s lush Vortex Temporum. The compositional structure includes different moods of music lasting for various fixed time fields.

With each metamorphosis of the music, Vo-Dinh has created a new choreographic shift. The total body physicality comes from movement that is large, circular and lyrical.

Richard’s piece is brute force, while Vo-Dinh’s work is poetry in motion. Both choreographers work the dancers very hard.

Paris/Toronto Project continues at the Winchester Street Theatre, May 25 to 28.

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