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Bonanza featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron

Berlin Collective (Berlin/Antwerp)
Festival TransAmériques
Studio Hydro-Québec
May 27 to 29, 2011

Without question, Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques is the most significant international dance and theatre showcase in North America, so attention must be paid.

My favourite show thus far is Bonanza created by the Berlin Collective. This company does cities, literally. Bonanza is a dead mining town in Colorado with only 7 permanent residents.

The stage canopy is a large relief map of Bonanza. Beneath the map are five videos screens. On stage are five projectors. The films are interviews with the real life residents.

The brilliance is how the films have been edited. For example, a resident is talking on one screen, while the other 4 screens are showing what the neighbours are doing. The show starts off with the residents describing the paradise of Bonanza, and ends with their quarrels.

Under the cunning shaping of the material, we come to see that tiny Bonanza is a microcosm for the foibles of humanity as a whole.

Festival TransAmériques continues in Montreal until Jun. 11.

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