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The Wild in Us and Unravelling the Tight Weave

The Wild in Us and Unravelling the Tight Weave featured image

Reviewed by Paula Citron

The Wild in Us and Unravelling the Tight Weave
REAson d’etre dance productions
Choreographed by Kathleen Rea
Winchester Street Theatre
Jun. 23 to 26, 2011

Choreographer Kathleen Rea’s new show contained good ideas, but the actual dances did not measure up.

The interesting premise of The Wild in Us, choreographed for 14 George Brown current and graduate students. was the dislocation of our urban/city selves from our animal natures.

The second work, Unravelling the Tight Weave, for 12 professional dancers, including some of the city’s best, was inspired by the mythological Norns who weave the threads of destiny.

There was even a clever art installation between the shows outside the theatre where people could sit and knit an 100 ft. long scarf. The audience could also learn to knit, or participate in “flocking”, a follow the leader dance in the middle of the knitting circle.

So where did things go so very wrong? Both pieces contained unfocused, directionless, amorphous movement that bordered on tedium. The physical imagery was fuzzy and confused.

Rea is a senior choreographer with good work behind her. We hope she finds her form again.

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