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Donny and Marie Live

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Donny and Marie Live
Dancap Productions
Starring Donny and Marie Osmond
Directed by Richard Jay-Alexander
Four Seasons Centre
Jul. 5 to 17, 2011

Donny and Marie Live is not just two people on stage. It’s armies marching. The Osmond siblings are surrounded by 8 dancers, 6 musicians and a slew of technicians. In short, razzmatazz Las Vegas has come to Toronto.

The hard-working siblings never let up. They dance, they sing, they tell stories, both together and apart. The heart of the show is their interaction with the audience. The two are very quick with funny one-liners, and their running commentary seems fresh and sincere. Their self-deprecation has its charms.

It would be easy for a cynical turn of mind to make fun of Donny and Marie because they are the stuff of parody. But you have to judge a show by what it delivers, and their adoring fans got two hours of flat-out bang for their bucks. They are artists who put the audience first.

Donny and Marie are a class act.

Donny and Marie Live continues at the Four Seasons Centre until Jul. 17.

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