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Richard 111

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Reviewed by Paula Citron

Richard 111
Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Miles Potter
Featuring Seana McKenna, Wayne Best, Sean Arbuckle, Yanna McIntosh, Michael Spencer-Davis, Roberta Maxwell, Bethany Jillard, Martha Henry and Nigel Bennett
Tom Patterson Theatre
May 19 to Sept. 25, 2011

Stratford’s thrilling Richard 111 is a magnificent production.

Miles Potter’s crisp direction ensures that the play hits the ground running, and what follows is relentless drama as the horrors unfold. Vibrant and energetic, this Richard 111 holds you in its thrall.

Potter’s take is in-your-face. This is not a play about subtlety. Every emotion is exposed which is why this Richard is precise and direct. For those who think that the play is dense and wordy, think again. Outstanding diction, fluidity of language, and strong character portrayals dominate the stage.

And then there is the great Seana McKenna as Richard. She is our guide through the plot, keeping us abreast of why things are happening, slyly taking us into her confidence. Her Richard is pure evil, but he is also seductively alluring.

So do not miss this Richard. You’ll have to wait a long time to find such clarity and excitement again.

Richard 111 continues at Stratford’s Tom Patterson Theatre until Sept. 25.

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