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Bill Anderson's Top 3 Mozart Picks

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Today we wish Mozart a happy 259th birthday! To celebrate, Bill Anderson has shared his top 3 favourite moments from Mozart’s musical legacy.

 – In the early 1970’s I’d heard very little Classical Music.  Then on the radio was a rousing brass and percussion tune called K550 by Waldo De Los Rios.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that it was a modern version of Mozart’s 40th Symphony.  Suddenly I was interested in Classical Music.  Two great “standard” versions are with the Berlin Philharmonic and our own Tafelmusik; the Waldo De Los Rios version is on YouTube.


PA…PA…PA…PAPAGENA – This is the joyful lovers’ duet near the end of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute.  Papageno and Papagena stutter is astonishment that they’ve been reunited.  I adore the simple happiness of the aria and can’t wait to see and hear it at Opera Bastille in Paris on my next listeners’ trip.  Details on the journey are at


CLARINET CONCERTO – I like the entire piece but absolutely love the slow movement Adagio with its hauntingly beautiful melody.  Mozart wrote it for a basset clarinet, an instrument with a somewhat lower register than a standard clarinet and perhaps that contributes to its charm.   I suggest that you try listening to it with your eyes closed.  Unless you’re driving, of course.

Bill Anderson is host of Bill’s Classical Jukebox and Breakfast Classics on The New Classical FM.

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