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Our Top 3 Classical Kittens of The Week

Our Top 3 Classical Kittens of The Week featured image

1. The Tough Guy
WARNING: You may consider declawing your cat by the end of this video. This adorable little kitten gets crazy about :20 seconds in. But I guess it’s hard not to flail around like the world’s cutest tough guy when The Sabre Dance by Khachaturian comes on the stereo. 

2. Hungry Hungry Kitten
This kitty is finding this can of cat food is a “hard NUT to CRACK” and also making it really difficult for us to avoid terrible Tchaicovsky’s Nutcracker puns. We can never forgive you for this one cat, your punishment is…one million snuggles!

3. A Cat’s Exercise in Futility
Jasper’s owner drives him up the wall by taunting him with a laser pointer. Adding Verdi’s- La Donna é Mobile makes it that much more humorous to watch and a even a bit ironic when we remember that this song is essentially about being tempted by an unobtainable woman. Oh, poor Jasper…we hope you have more luck with the ladies!

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