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Hospice Georgian Triangle Gives The Gift Of Precious Moments…

Hospice Georgian Triangle Gives The Gift Of Precious Moments… featured image

Hospice Georgian Triangle gives the gift of precious moments to families. There is no cost to patient’s and they rely on donations and fundraising efforts. Their greatest and on-going need is support for the frontline care of our patients and families. They offer support through In-home Peer Visiting Programs, a stay at Campbell House, participation in Grief and Bereavement Groups, One-on-one Counselling with Registered Psychotherapists to Chronic Disease or Chronic Pain Management Courses.
Paula Zubek is a member of The Georgian Bay Club Foundation and has a close connection with Hospice Georgian Triangle. The Georgian Bay Club Foundation does fundraising in the community and when Hospice was building they gave them a 3 year pledge of $50,000 towards their building which was fulfilled in 2013. In 2014 Paula’s Mother got Cancer and their family needed the help of Hospice. Paula’s Mom ended was their first patient on August 7th 2014. Paula is a huge supporter of Hospice as they did wonderful things for her, her Mom and their family. Hospice gave them the gift of precious moments. The Hospice Georgian Triangle 2017 Wish List Care Campaign is underway. For more information visit Hospice Georgian Triangle

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