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His Dream Was To Preserve The History Of His Ancestors

His Dream Was To Preserve The History Of His Ancestors featured image

February is Black History Month. This story is about a man who’s dream was to preserve the history of his ancestors; early black pioneers  who settled in Simcoe and Grey Counties. His name was Howard Sheffield and he wanted to celebrate his ancestors contributions  and achievements to the community through sports, the business world to military & marines. Howard wanted to keeping events of the past visible so future generations would never forget. 1990 Howard Sheffield’s dream actually became a reality with The Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum in Clarksburg. Today, his dream continues as Carolyn and Sylvia Wilson are keeping their late uncles dream alive. Sheffield Park Black History And Cultural Museum has 12 themed buildings and a heritage walk.

A living history of artifacts, pictures, tools to articles and clothing. For more information  visit Sheffield Park Black History  Museum  

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