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Latest Trends Include “Funky Bunkies” To “She Sheds”

Latest Trends Include “Funky Bunkies” To “She Sheds” featured image

Real Estate experts are predicting we may be seeing the end of those  monster mansions. Today’s trend is for smaller, cozy living spaces.

Furniture designs are also following the same trend with smaller sofas to multi-function furniture. People are also now converting backyard sheds into cozy retreats including Art Studios, Funky Bunkies, Kids’ Playhouses, Man Caves and yes “She-Sheds.

They are adding porches, larger windows, lighting to glass walls and decorating with rugs and furniture to create an inviting space. IF you are looking to build an cozy retreat on your property; if it’s 10 feet by 10 feet and you won’t require a permit. For more information on this Spotlight visit On The Bay Magazine. ( page 84 – 85)

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