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The Colour “Black” Is Now Making A True Decorating Statement

The Colour “Black” Is Now Making A True Decorating Statement featured image

White has dominated interiors for years, however now black is making a true “decorating statement”.

Matte black chalkboard paint on a kitchen wall or a black backdrop to creating a photo gallery in a hallway hung on a black background. Window trims in black is adding a sophisticated look to both traditional and modern spaces.

Black is also taking over from stainless steel in kitchen appliances. Faucets, taps and shower heads are also now available in matte black.

Black matte dinnerware is quite popular with Chefs as it offers them a neutral backdrop for the artistry of presenting their food.

Pops of black can be added to any room, even ceiling’s are being painted black. This week’s latest Design Trend is from the pages of On The Bay Magazine.

For more information on this design trend visit On The Bay Magazine’s Spring Issue (Pages 84 – 85)

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