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The Infectious Characters And Melodies Of Randy Newman

The Infectious Characters And Melodies Of Randy Newman featured image


His Uncles were famous Hollywood Composers with ten Oscars and more than 50 nominations between them. Randy began studying piano at the age of seven and began writing songs professionally at the age of seventeen. Randy Newman went  on to become a famous singer, musician and composer.

He is widely recognized for his musical masterpieces; those well-crafted lyrics and appealing melodies. His song “Short People” was written with the intention of poking fun at short-tempered and small-minded people; and then there were his infectious melodies for Toy Story, A Bugs Life and Monsters inc. With numerous Grammy’s to his name, Randy is also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

The characters in his songs are exaggerations. They can be frightening, funny or odd but are all heartfelt.

Currently, Randy Newman is writing for the movie Toy Story 4 which is being released in 2019.

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