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Latest Design Trend 10 “The Smart Revolution” From The Pages of On The Bay Magazine

Southern Georgian Bay Spotlight2018-6-30By: Kelly Gale

Homeowners are currently part of the “smart revolution” which means; if you don’t have something in your home that can be voice or cell phone activated, you’re actually behind the times or latest trend.

There is Amazon, Alexa, Google Home to smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors; even smart plugs and smart locks available.

The new advances in this smart revolution include voice-activated TV converters which you can tell what show or station you want to watch and it will make the change for you. An added advantage to this smart revolution is an end to those tangled, messy octopus outlets. This week’s latest Design Trend comes from the pages of On The Bay Magazine Spring Issue.  (see page 78 – 79)   

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