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Dances of Ecstasy

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This came to me by way of Wendel Meldrum, a splendid actress, with whom I worked many moons ago in Moses Znaimer’s Los Angeles production ( there were many!) of Tamara (The Living Movie). My housekeeper character lusted (unrequitedly) after Wendel’s little fascist ballerina character.

She was great!

One of the productions many highlights was a very fun (en pointe and in a tutu) dance she performed in praise of some Catholic female saint – I can’t recall the name of the saint, but I remember her story was full of gore, ghastliness and – of course – religious ecstasy. Pure brilliance!

Even funnier was when she and her understudy did a water ballet version at a cast party.

But Wendell is as deep as she is talented, and it’s not unexpected that she would share something like this; an exploration of dance on the deepest level, not at all concerned with discipline, technique, skill or public performance, but with essence and soul. What it means to be on this earth and to express the quintessential you!

I am envious. I don’t think I could ever be that physically open and unrestrained, and I have had to find alternate ways to express ‘being me.

Let’s dance more! Let’s sing more, embrace more.
Life is short…

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