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The Talisman

Art Tidbits2013-5-28By: Marilyn Lightstone

I just learned (because I looked it up) that ‘Cloisonnism” is a style of art where the object is first outlined, and then painted in with one flat colour (sounds like a kid’s colouring book, doesn’t it?).

At any rate, Serusier, pal of Gauguin and the Impressionists, was its founder.

I’m rather keen on this picture, incorporating, as it does, some of my favourite elements, such as reflections in water.

The blocks of contrasting colours – red/ green, blue/ orange, are so satisfying, each one so much more vivid for being seen in the company of its opposite.

Most of all, this picture takes me to a place I want to be; walking beside this small, calm body of water – perhaps taking a photo or two…

The Talisman by Paul Serusier

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