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Children's Afternoon At Wargemont

Art Tidbits2013-5-30By: Marilyn Lightstone

Here I go again: simultaneously calling down the scorn of both the artistic Avant Garde, and every irate campaigner concerned with the unfortunate of the world. Yes, these children have never known material want, and they are – seemingly insiders in the world in which they live. Most of the planet will never come close to the security and privilege with which they are cosseted.

Personally, I find myself envious of their cozy milieu. I myself am a child of the working class, and I know how I yearned for a world in which the struggle to keep afloat did not determine everything that happened in our household.

Children’s Afternoon at Wargemont
(also known as Marguerite, Lucie and Marthe Barard)
by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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