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Given my, ahem… advanced years, of course I remember Norman Rockwell’s paintings from the covers of the Saturday Evening Post. And I remember too, how much pleasure to so many.

Naturally, he was derided by the art establishment for being a ‘populist, for painting for the common man. He was thought to be mawkishly sentimental by these people for portraying and American that was just “too good” and “cute”, to be true.

My own feeling, is that he also captured some of the things that are most appealing about America at its best… an America that we wished were true. Even though we knew that things were often not as he depicted. He made us feel good for at least a passing moment…made us smile.

Well I miss his gentle perspective. A question to those of you of my generation…don’t you miss him too?

Self-Portrait by Norman Rockwell

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