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Da Vinci on a Samsung Galaxy Note

Da Vinci on a Samsung Galaxy Note featured image

Rest assured. I’m not try to sell you any technology here…

That said, I have to express just how captivating I found this informative little Youtube number.

About a year and a half ago, I would demonstrate to anyone who was interested enough to take a few minutes to watch, how I painted on my new iPad. This feature, of course, was what had made me buy it in the first place. If iPad painting was legit with British painter and constant art adventurer, David Hockney, why not me?

I remember well the reactions of my friends. Everyone was flabbergasted; even people who were VERY computer savvy. I, of course – a technological dodo – was able to bask in the glow of being, for a few brief moments, at any rate, up- to -the – moment.

And now you’ve had a glimpse of it, however tiny and basic. There are Art Apps out there, I promise you, that will flabbergast you! That STILL doesn’t make it rocket science, but I have to admit that I continue to find it absolutely magical.

Yes, the tools to make art are changing; proliferating, and there are artists who feel threatened by this, which is highly understandable. Invention, even when it brings progress, also brings disruption and upheaval, and there is always wreckage in its wake. Somehow, wasteful and cruel though it sometimes seems, that’s seems to be the way it is.

But painting and sculpture will not disappear because there computers, and 3-D printers, any more than television killed radio.

So there you go. That was ONE of the reasons I wanted to share this little clip with you

Now, I may be wrong, but I would imagine that there are a number of you out there who may never have had the opportunity to witness an artist at work, and I myself frequently encounter people who have questions about the creative process…
How does an artist begin?
What is it that prompts that first stroke or squiggle?
How do you draw hair?
Running water?
Could I learn to do that?

One of the really fun (and most frequently used) features of art apps?
The ‘Undo’ button…

*Listen to Marilyn Lightstone read this text:

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