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Anna Ancher Part Two

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Pour yourself a glass or cup of something you like and settle in so that you can watch this wonderful compilation in its entirety. I promise you, you won’t be sorry.

I’ll always wonder somewhat, that someone like myself, for whom ‘doing my own thing’ has always been of paramount importance, should be so drawn to
portraits of quiet domesticity and the tight- knit communities that enclose them. Is it because, for most of the people who dwell in its tight surroundings there is no trepidation or uncertainty as to what must or must not be done? A certainty that, as long as one follows the rules, one will know peace and acceptance.

Not entirely accurate, I know. There will always be rivalries and inequalities in any group. Ambition, intelligence, sloth, clumsiness and artistry, the abled and disabled are to be found in the smallest communities just as they are in the Big Cities.

Anna Ancher

*Listen in to Marilyn’s reading of this text:

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