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Letters From Lightstone: Sites & Sounds of Israel, Part 6

Nocturne2014-6-25By: Marilyn Lightstone

marilyn-lightstone-letters-featureFollow ZoomerMedia’s Marilyn Lightstone as she travels to Israel this summer to bring you first-hand coverage of the famous operas performed under the stars. In this dispatch, she sends a letter to her “technical wizard” back home.

Dear Taylor:

You went to such pains to set me up with Dropbox before my departure, but it seems to have disappeared from my mini iPad .

Which is SUCH a shame as the footage I took at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem isn’t TOO bad for a novice, and the subject is such an important one for people of faith, constructed as it is over the site of Jesus’ deposition from the cross. There is a piece of the very ground itself in the church, which is why the worshipers are kneeling, to touch and kiss it…Continue reading on everythingzoomer.com…


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