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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: JayJay the 8-year-old male cat

The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: JayJay the 8-year-old male cat featured image

Ever since falling from a third floor balcony, JayJay has been up to some serious thinking.

Yeah-yeah, he knows how cool it is that he’s recovering from his injuries so well. He’s super tough and handsome and brave. All the guys admire him and all the lady cats slip him their numbers when staff isn’t looking. Old news!

He’s thinking of bigger things! The meaning of it all! Like, how many different kinds of canned food are there? And where do all these feather toys come from? Is there some place out there that’s just filled with feathers? How come he’s not allowed to eat plants? Do plants give you superpowers? Not like he needs them, since he survived such a fall. But still. Such questions! He is out to find a home where these questions can finally be answered!

JayJay has been recovering from a spinal cord injury and hopes to find a home where he’ll get lots of space to walk around to build up his strength again. His best medicine for now is to be mobile. He’s no couch potato!

Being FIV positive, he will need to see a vet once a year. But don’t worry! He’s super tough. Need he remind you of his third story fall?  FIV ain’t got nothing on him. All FIV means is that when he’s with other cats, there can’t be any biting!

If you would like to meet JayJay, please contact us at [email protected].

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