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How charitable are you? The statistics are in and they show that fewer Canadians gave to charity last year, but those who did open their wallets were more generous than before. In 2006, the median donation was up to $250. Michael Hall of the Imagine Foundation for Philanthropy says the amount we give has a lot to do with our stage of life.

“When you look at the profile of a donor, they tend to be older, to have higher levels of income (not surprisingly), higher levels of education, and to be religiously active.”

But Canadians are not as religious as Americans, and that’s apparently the reason they give a lot more south of the border — an average of about a thousand dollars.

“A lot of the giving in the U.S. is related to their place of worship. So there’s a lot more religious giving in the United States. But if you take out the religious giving, Canadians are more likely than their American counterparts to support social services and health.”

Torontonians are number 2 on the list on big-city givers with a median donation of $360. Abbotsford, B.C. led the pack for the fourth year in a row with an impressive $620.

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