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It happens to a lot of people after the age of 50 – especially if  they’re a bit bored bored in long-term relationships. I’m talking about a loss of desire. So here are some tips on how to regain an active sex life at any age.

Change your mind. Say yes even when you’re not in the mood. Often the excitement will follow once the games begin.

Try something new, maybe even something that makes you nervous with anticipation.

Put those difficult couples issues on the table. Anger, hurt and resentment can all get in the way of intimacy.

Work out. Regular exercise not only makes you feel better about your body, it can boost sexual satisfaction too.

Set a schedule. Don’t wait for things to happen. Set a date.

And finally, if you suspect your libido problems are medical, make sure you have the right doctor. Don’t settle for someone who minimizes the topic or seems uncomfortable with it.

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