Facial Yoga

It’s the newest trend in the battle against looking older. You stick out your tongue, roll your eyes back, prod and probe your cheeks.

It’s called Facial Yoga or Happy Face Yoga, and  the theory is you can tone your facial muscles the same way you can work your abs.

It was created by Gary Sikorski, a 50-year-old from Florida who says he just got “tired of looking gray and old.”
He put together 18 facial toning exercises, which he says strengthen and tone all 57 muscles of the face, neck and scalp. He claims that as you strengthen these muscles, they will start to lift up, and your lines will diminish.
Sikorski touts his program as an alternative to surgery, but there’s no evidence that it really works.  Some plastic surgeons say it probably won’t do any damage as long as you’re careful not to overwork the delicate skin around the eyes and the forehead. But others caution that you have to relax those muscles to diminish wrinkles –  cnd they say moving your facial muscles will make more lines.

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