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Joint Replacement Happy Ending

Here’s a story of how a Zoomer report led to a very happy ending. I recently ran a report detailing how more and more Zoomers are getting joint replacement surgery at a younger age. Muriel Fletcher was listening and immediately thought of her friend Gail Takahashi.

GT: “I immediately called Gail to tell her what I had heard, because her doctor had told her that he wouldn’t operate on her.”

Here’s Gail:

GT: “He had said to me ‘well, you’re too young for surgery’, and I’m 56, I’ll be 57 soon.”

The timing was perfect. Gail got the information the day before an appointment with this orthopedic surgeon.

GT: “I just felt so confident going in there, having gone to your website and read the report, and I guess I spoke with a bit more confidence today, and he changed his mind!”

LZ: “So what did he tell you?”

GT: “He said that he’d do it.”

Right now gail is in constant pain, and she’s expects this to be a life-changing experience.

GT: “It worked! Thank you.”

LZ: “You’re welcome, so how do you feel about this?”

GT: “I’m just ecstatic, my whole attitude has totally changed.”

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