Yoga for Golfers

Golf season is fast approaching, and an ancient practice is one great way to get your swing in shape.

Yoga  has taken the PGA Tour by storm as one of the golf world’s hottest fitness tools. Now you can find local practicioners and books devoted to the subject.  The original training program, tailoring yoga to the needs of golfers, was developed ten years ago by Scottsdale golf expert, Katherine Roberts. It applies applies the principles of yoga — flexibility, strength, core conditioning, balance and mental focus – to success on the golf course.

It promises to improve concentration and visualization, distance and accuracy off the tee, rhythm and tempo in the golf swing,  and to reduce the risk of injury.

The program selects yoga poses that are most suited for golfer’s needs, those that enhance flexibility and strength in the spine, shoulders, hips and legs.  Experts say yoga is especially good for helping older players increase flexibility, balance, and strength. And it’s not just physical conditioning. Yoga, uses postures to bring an overactive mind to a level of calm and quietness. And we all know how important your mental game is when it comes to golf.

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