Peanut Snacks

Don’t count out peanuts if you’re counting calories.

According to the Oprah doctors Oz and Roizen, when a group of people added a daily snack of 100 calories of peanuts (about 30) to their diets for eight weeks, it didn’t affect their weight at all. That’s because the peanuts filled them up – thanks to the nuts’ fibre, protein and healthy fats – and these people cut calories elsewhere. without even trying to.

Peanuts also have  two  nutritional tricks: Their fat and calories aren’t completely absorbed by your gut; and  your body converts peanuts’ monounsaturated fats into energy more easily than it does saturated fats.

One more lucky thing happens when you eat peanuts: You don’t get an instant release of dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter, which you do with some other foods like chocolate shakes. That’s a good thing, because when dopamine starts to wear off, you find yourself reaching for more.
Other nuts, by the way, such as almonds and walnuts, may have similar benefits.

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