Caffeine Competitive Edge

Here’s a new finding that will let you combine a good habit with a not-so-good one. Researchers believe drinking caffeine after a workout can give athletes a competitive edge by accelerating muscular recovery.

In the  study,  published in the journal of Applied Physiology,  athletes participated in four sessions,  and then ate a low-carb dinner.

The following day, having not eaten since the night before, the athletes cycled until exhaustion. They then drank a caffeine- and carb-laced beverage or one with just carbs, and rested in the lab for four hours.

The researchers discovered that in the four hours after consuming the drinks, the athletes who drank the caffeine beverages had higher levels of blood glucose and insulin, as well as 66 per cent more glycogen, which helps power muscles. The researchers conclude if you have 66 per cent more fuel for the next day’s training or competition, there is absolutely no question you will go farther or faster.

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