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It won’t burn many calories on its own, but if you’re looking to lose weight, the most important exercise you can do is to pick up a pen and paper.

According to a large new U.S. study, dieters can double their weight loss  by simply keeping a daily diary of what they eat.
The study was conducted by researchers at Duke University and The University of Alabama and  it involved some 1,700 overweight people.

It showed that people who kept no daily food records lost an average of four kilograms, while those who did lost an average of eight kilograms.

Researchers say that in addition to allowing dieters to see how well they are keeping to their plans, a diary makes it plain to dieters where it would be easiest to cut out calories. And it helps them keep a lid on mindless eating – the nibbling many of us don’t even realize we’re doing.

And they also say people who diet within a social network are also much more successful at dropping excess pounds.

The study found that each social session study dieters attended – where they would discuss their successes and failures – was worth 0.3 kilograms in extra weight loss.

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