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Can running make you live longer?

A study out of Stanford University reported that middle-aged members of a runners club posted far fewer deaths within the 20-year period of the study than their non-running counterparts. The 284 runners, who were in their fifties at the start of the study, reported fewer incidences of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

The study also dispels the myth that years of pounding the pavement will result in bum knees and sore hips as the body ages. The runners in the study had fewer injuries than those who didn’t exercise.

That doesn’t mean you can run the heck out of your body. The health benefits associated with exercise are reaped by those who train responsibly, not by those who overdo it.  This is especially true for older runners, whose bodies need a little more pampering than runners who have yet to reach middle age.
Here are some tips for Zoomers:
stretch often;
rest regularly;
keep your mileage in check;
don’t ignore pain; and

    The repetitiveness of running works the same muscles the same way day after day. To avoid injuries caused by overuse, mix up your workouts.

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