It’s an invention that seems tailor-made for Zoomers.

Every year, thousands of Canadians get injured while they’re shoveling snow – it’s especially tough on an aging body. The Wovel claims to be the world’s safest snow shovel – it’s even made Time magazine’s list of best inventions.

It’s a shovel on a wheel that’s a metre high and works like a see-saw. The Wovel uses adjustable leverage and your own body weight to push, lift, and throw snow. That helps you avoid the heavy lifting associated with shoveling that can cause back injury and aches and pains. Eliminating all that strain also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Consumers are generally giving the Wovel good reviews. They say it works well on large spaces with lots of room when the snow is fairly light. As to the device’s bad points: users say it’s awkward and hard to use in tight spaces, and difficult to throw the snow in any direction but a straight line. You can buy the Wovel online for $120 US.

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