Weather and Headaches

Do you ever think the weather is responsible for your headaches? A new study says you’re right. And it finds more people go to the emergency room for headache treatment in warm weather.

Scientists examined seven years of records of more than 7,000 people with a primary diagnosis of headache seen in a hospital emergency room in Boston. Then they checked data on temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and air pollution during the three days before each visit.

For each rise of 9 degrees Fahrenheit, the researchers found, the risk of a headache requiring emergency-room treatment rose 7.5 percent. Cases of sinus or tension headaches were also related to lower barometric pressure.

The study author says it’s unclear why higher temperatures cause more headaches. Possibly, it’s because of other things, like the fact that blood pressure tends to be lower, for example — but how that would cause headaches is uncertain.”

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